Cheese of the Week


Yellow Springs Farm Black Diamond 

This is a ripe cheese coated in vegetable ash as it ages. It is creamy, with layers of complex flavors. This cheese is inspired by the French Valencay cheese from the Loire Valley. Sancerre wine is also produced in the Loire Valley, so treat yourself to this pairing with Black Diamond. if you enjoy white wine. Sancerre is similar to Sauvignon Blanc, so you have many wines to choose from. Black Diamond ™ won first place among aged goat cheeses at 2014 American Cheese Society competition.

Sample of the Day 


Smoked Mozzarella is a lightly smoked, rich and tangy handmade treat. Smooth but springy, this cheese is perfect for pulling apart and melting. Indulge in a smoky but sophisticated mozzarella.

Daily Samples - 12pm-5:30pm

At Bonterra Market we want you to explore many of the cheeses we carry.  We carefully select cheeses that are unique and accompany any person's taste. 

Our cheeses are well explained at the store so each shopper can choose a cheese that they love or a cheese they want to explore.

We carry organic, raw, pasteurized and artisan cheeses. 


What are artisan cheeses?

Artisan cheeses are cheeses produced by hand using traditional craftsmanship from skilled cheese-makers.  As a result, the cheeses are more complex in taste and variety.  Many cheeses are aged and ripened to achieve certain aesthetics.​